How does iSourcing Hub work?

iSourcing Hub brings together demand and supply in a smart way. We will enable you, as the searching party, to:

  1. Get a clear picture of potentially suitable vendors and other parties
  2. Add organizations to your list of relevant players, for example, an unknown start-up or service provider you like to work with
  3. Ask these parties specific questions, such as smart questions from the public library, or custom questions you formulate yourself

You can deploy iSourcing Hub for minor issues or complex tender procedures, and everything in-between. For example, because you need help with defining the right questions, are curious about new players, or because you want to (anonymously) sound out the market for interests and possibilities.

What iSourcing Hub is not

iSourcing Hub is new and there is no similar platform. It is therefore difficult to categorize iSourcing Hub. Perhaps you are thinking of a lead generator or a platform that facilitates e-procurement or e-tendering?

  • iSourcing Hub is not a lead generator. iSourcing Hub is completely independent and helps you ask the right questions to the right parties. We do not share personal data and our business model is not based on leads or influencing matching scores.
  • iSourcing Hub is not a platform dat facilitates e-procurement or e-tendering. The Hub is primarily of value in the preceding steps, as an addition to or replacement of desk and market research, market consultations, RFIs etc.

How does iSourcing Hub work for you as the searching party?

After your sign up you can get started with the system, where you will proceed with the following steps:

Select a theme

Select the (primary) domain that best matches your question. Think of, for example, software development, drones or the internet of things. Is your domain not listed? Rest assured, we can very quickly add new themes. We often already have a list of participants and match criteria, in which case it is just a matter of activation.

Select Smart Questions from the Public Library

In the public library you will find an abundance of questions related to your theme. If your issue involves several themes, for example, the Internet of Things and digital workplace, you can also browse other theme libraries. Select the questions relevant to you, and slightly amend them, if needed.

Add Extra (Custom) Questions

Make sure to add some (custom) questions. This can be done in several ways, ranging from open questions to multiple-choice questions. If desired, you can formulate them in such a manner that they can be reused easily and store them in your Private Library. Later on, these questions can be easily shared with colleagues or used for other issues.

An Initial Overview of Matches

You will be provided with an overview of initial matches, based on information already available in the system. We select based on the questions used from the Public Library, so you will receive real-time answers. You can also add organizations to this overview, for example, a start-up or service provider you like to work with. We will approach them with your questions.

Specify Additional Information and Preconditions

Prior to submitting your questions, you can upload additional information. Think of, for example, a project description or more in-depth information about your organization. Furthermore, you can indicate whether your questions should be submitted anonymously. Set a deadline and wait for answers.

Compare Results!

You will be notified as soon as a given party responds. You can view the answers and the system will objectively determine a match percentage, resulting in a ranking to compare parties.

What now?

After these six steps you have completed the first cycle of iSourcing Hub. You will now have a clear picture of the market, based on your questions and the answers of parties relevant to you. Of course, you can proceed with subsequent steps (within or outside of the system), in the form of, for example, additional questions, an RFI or RFP. That is entirely up to you.

Create an account and give it a try!

Are you not sure whether iSourcing Hub can help solve your issue(s), would you like to exchange ideas, or do you want a brief personal demo? Let us know, we will happily help you further!

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