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iSourcing Hub is often described by our clients as being like a dating site – but a serious one which helps companies find each other.

The perfect match depends on your needs. Whether you need a short or long relationship and whether you share much, little or no information is up to you.

This makes the Hub suitable for small issues, complex outsourcing and everything in between. Ideal for market orientation, consultancy, tender procedures, the first steps towards RFP or RFI or simply adding to your knowledge about a certain IT theme.

How does it work?

Step 1: Themes

Choose a theme for which you want to orient or find an IT partner. We have hundreds and the list is growing every day.

Step 2: Refining the 1st result

Select questions from our library, specify the acceptable values for each and the Hub will show you an overview of matching IT parties in real-time.

Step 3: Ask your own questions

Create your own questions. Sometimes your needs are very specific and individual to you. You can prompt IT partners to respond right away.

Step 4: Invite the IT parties

Invite any parties you do not see in the Hub to join. This way you can include all the parties you would like to respond within the context of your search.

Step 5: Receive reactions

Set a deadline. The system notifies IT partners to respond before this deadline and shows you a percentage match for each party that responds before this deadline.

Step 6: Compose your list

Refine your results and ask additional questions until you have your ideal qualified long or short list.

Over 500 Companies Choose iSourcing Hub

What are the advantages of this?


Through our smart questions and the theme of your choice, direct insights in the relevant IT parties and their solutions.


Greater chance of finding the most suitable IT partner through smart algorithms that are able to connect questions and answers.


To check whether parties are interested, makes easy to contact and ask questions. You get a personal answer fast, saving you time.


Do you want to stay anonymous and discretely discover the market? This is also possible with iSourcing Hub.


Make smart use of the knowledge and experience of parties on iSourcing Hub and the use of modern technology. This is how we find your ideal IT match.


We are 100% independent. No favoritism, no bonuses, only intelligent software.

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