Knowledge Partners

Knowledge Partners are vendors and consulting companies connected to the hub, that use their expertise in (a) certain domain(s) to help formulate and maintain Public Library questions.

Each domain has room for a maximum of four Knowledge Partners, preferably a combination of consulting companies and vendors.

With dozens of smart questions per domain stored in the Public Library and a constant flow of new searches containing new questions that, in turn, can be stored in the Public Library as well, keeping everything in order is quite a challenge. To manage these things, often requires expertise in the domain in question. That expertise is not available within iSourcing Hub. Logical, as our expertise is not so much focused on domains, nor do we provide consultancy services. Our strenght lies in matching. Therefore it makes sense to involve other experts.

There are over forty (and counting!) Knowledge Partners involved!

IT Vendors as knowledge partner

IT Consultants as Knowledge partner

Who are the Knowledge Partners and what are their interests?

It often concerns parties that have an interest in a properly functioning hub with a well-filled domain. They use their expertise to help you come up with ideas; Knowledge Partners make an effort (in time) and share knowledge. In turn they are awarded the Knowledge Partner position, gaining them extra attention and visibility (apart from actual searches), as well as the possibility to share content on special domain landing pages and publish guest blogs.

Companies on the (independent) consultancy side both have a searching and supplying role. In their searching role, it is of vital importance that relevant and frequently-asked questions related to a domain are listed in the Public Library, but also that there are enough relevant players active within the domain in question. In their role as Knowledge Partners, some consulting companies therefore help by connecting new vendors. Within their role as a vendor (providing consultancy services) they can also help with coming up with ideas concerning important questions that enable clients to find the right consultant or consultancy services.

Companies on the vendor side mainly concern supplying parties. For any domain for which they provide services and/or position themselves as an expert, it is of vital importance that 1) the domain in question exists, 2) relevant questions are added that make them (and their competitors) visible and 3) there are enough relevant players active within the domain in question. In their role as Knowledge Partners, some vendors therefore also help by connecting other (competitive) vendors.

Knowledge Partners contribute to domain development and maintenance. Outsourcing Hub will of course verify whether questions are neutral or objective. It goes without saying, that involvement of Knowledge Partners does not affect (their rank in) search results.

Would you like to know more about our Knowledge Partners, or become a Knowledge Partner?

If you want to adopt a theme/domain, please contact us. The Knowledge Partner option offers all kinds of additional benefits and is offered for an annual fee of € 999.

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