Plans and Pricing

The iSourcing Hub platform has three different user groups. The plans and pricing differ for each user group. View below which of the groups applies to you and click the link to view the different subscriptions.


The clients, together with the consultants are the demand side of iSourcing Hub. Clients from the private as well as the public sector, from small to big, use the platform to search for suitable IT vendors and IT consultants.


Consultancy companies and independent consultants are also an important group on the platform. Their role is actually hybrid: they use the platform to search, often for end clients they guide but consultants can also be found themselves by these same end clients.


IT vendors supply services, products and other solutions in the field of IT and IT related topics. For more than 150 themes, over 250 IT suppliers keep track if and to what extent they are involved in these themes, so that the platform can match in real time.

Knowledge Partner role

IT vendors and IT consultants have the possibility to ‘adopt’ one of the 150+ themes. Knowledge Partners – from their expertise about a specific subject – are encouraged to contribute to the preparation and maintenance of the Public Library questions. This provides all kinds of additional benefits, such as extra visibility in the system. Read more about the Knowledge Partner role.

NB: Obviously, the involvement of a Knowledge Partner does not affect (their position in) the search results.

The Knowledge Partner role (on one or more themes) is included in the Premium subscription. The Knowledge Partner role can also be purchased separately as an add-on, prices starting from € 999 per year. You can find more information about alle the possibilities in the pricing plans.

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