For whom?

iSourcing Hub is an independent online matching platform that cleverly connects supply and demand between three target audiences. When a match is established, the platform also facilitates online interaction. Its three target audiences are IT seekers, IT vendors and IT consultants.


Together, seekers and consultants represent iSourcing Hub’s demand side. They primarily use the platform to look for suitable IT vendors. IT seekers can also look for suitable consultants to provide guidance. iSourcing Hub is used both by private and public sector organisations, from big to small and national to international. Hundreds of clients use the platform, either directly or indirectly through consultants, thus gaining access to iSourcing Hub, as well as Outsourcing Hub.

IT Consultants

Consultancy firms and independent consultants form an important platform group. Their role is actually hybrid – they use the platform to conduct searches, often on behalf of end clients they guide, but consultants can also be found by the very same end clients. The latter is done through a special ‘TPA Profile’, which is completed by consultants and used as a basis for the ‘Find Consultant’ feature that enables end clients to view matches.

Almost 300 advisory and consultancy firms with over 400 users have an account. The number of users among consultants has increased with 25% up to 50% in recent years. Variety within this user group is significant, from well-established large to small consultancy firms, as well as many independent IT consultants, sourcing advisors and interim managers.

IT Vendors

IT vendors provide services, products and other solutions with respect to IT and IT-related topics. 225 IT vendors keep track whether and to what extent they are active in over 200 themes, allowing the system to find real-time matches and immediately show relevant information afterwards. The number of participating IT vendors rapidly increases with 40-50% per annum, and comprises companies in all shapes and sizes, from all-round IT vendors and system integrators to extremely specialised IT companies, niche players and startups.

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