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Search, find and question relevant players in no-time. Use smart criteria and filters to refine the search results in real-time and to determine the ranking order. Decide for yourself with which matches you interact with online and what information you share.

iSourcingHub is an independent online matching platform. The Hub is used for the preparation of RFPs and tenders for e.g. desk research, market consultancy and RFIs. Through real-time matching and quick online interactions, you are able to save time and costs. Important: you reduce the risk of missing out good matches or having to withdraw from a project and you increase the chance for success.

The platform is suitable for almost every challenge; from IT outsourcing & cloud, to software-/package selection and finding the best implementation partners. It is even possible to use for exploring new innovations and startups.

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Suitable for SMEs and companies that expect to use paid features only a few times per year.

€ 62.50

€ 749

Based on a one-time annual invoice. Quarterly purchase: € 249.-

5 credits

for paid search types/features

5 users

Top features

  • Detailed overviews and theme pages of all vendors
  • Find Consultant: Search for consultancy firms and (self-employed) consultants
  • Use of the Knowledge Base and Public Library (limited)
  • Searches in test mode and online support (limited)


Suitable for the corporate market and frequent use with market consultations, RFIs, software selection and digital transformation projects.

€ 166.50

€ 1999

Based on a one-time annual invoice. Quarterly purchase: € 625.-

25 credits

for paid search types/features

15 users

Top features

All features from Starter, plus

  • Fit-gap analysis and online support for optimal use
  • Peer-4-Peer: Find peers or buddies to exchange experiences
  • Use of the Knowledge Base and Public Library (unlimited)
  • Searches in test mode and online support (unlimited)


Suitable for innovative companies and public authorities with special requirements.

€ 250.-

€ 2999

Only available as annual subscription. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities.

∞ credits

for paid search types/features

∞ users

Top features

Al features from Business, plus

  • Advanced and combined search types

  • Contribute ideas in key-user advisory board or as a Knowledge Partner
  • White-label options, special portals to exchange vendor details or other info
  • Additional support, guidance, training and account distribution

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  • Overview of all participating vendors with general profiles
  • Overview of all participating consultancy firms and consultants
  • Start, save and view searches, preview of results (limited)
  • * Credits are required for all real-time filters, ranking, analysis and interactive phase

 “This is a revolutionary B2B platform that works essentially differently from all other alternatives I know. The system helps me quickly and often in an early stage to ask the right questions to all the relevant parties. And this on many IT subjects!”

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