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Originated through a successful match

Founder Henk Pater has worked for years as an IT advisor and oversaw dozens of sourcing and selection projects. He was surprised about how much time it costs to create an overview of all the players and solutions. In that same time, Henk met his girlfriend via an online dating platform. They turned out to be the perfect match and this became an inspiration for a B2B matching platform for IT services.

Outsourcing Hub started in 2015 with a focus on IT outsourcing and managed services. Clients soon wanted to use ‘the Hub’ for a wider range of IT issues. This new flexible and scalable system became iSourcing Hub. Because users are able to share experience and knowledge, the platform is constantly updated with new IT players, smart search criteria and questions. This way you are able to find the perfect match in no time!


Trending Themes on iSourcing Hub:

Suitable for every IT issue

Search IT parties on every possible theme. If your theme is not on the list, we’ll bring all relevant players and search criteria to the platform within a week.

This way, iSourcing Hub keeps growing, and becomes more and more widely usable.

See matches in real-time

Based on data that IT-players maintain themselves, you’ll find IT parties that are best suitable for you in real time. If you miss a party, simply invite them in the Hub.

This way the Hub ensures a complete and up to date image of the market.

Easy to contact all relevant parties

Do you have the relevant partners and solutions lined up, and do you want to know more? Simply ask them extra questions, even anonymously. You decide which info you want to share.

This way iSourcing Hub facilitates quick, online interactions with low costs.

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