About Us

Imagine… you are working on an IT issue. Something related to 3D printing, software development or XLA. Or the cloud, DevOps, CO2-neutral data centers, the Internet of Things – whatever you like.

  • You can ask any question you can think of and use smart questions stored in a library by other users.
  • You can pose these questions to vendors present in the hub, but also invite non-hub parties to answer them.
  • The system can determine in real-time whether matches occur for questions in the library, previously answered by vendors.
  • The more questions posed, stored and answered and the more parties invited, the more individual users can benefit from them. A kind of open-source data collection that rewards its use and sharing, becoming more valuable with each new search.

With this in mind, we started iSourcing Hub. The independent online matching platform that brings together demand and supply in a smart way. Although Outsourcing Hub, the original hub, works very well for more traditional outsourcing issues, we have found that there is a need to deeper zoom into new technologies or niches, both at the demand and supply side.


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All Things Tech!

iSourcing Hub makes it possible. The i stands for everything related to IT, Tech or BPO. With iSourcing Hub you can search and match by an infinite number of themes (see overview). Is your theme or subject not listed in our system? Then you can easily add a new theme!

Our system not only helps you pose the right questions, but also determine who to ask them. Every user can help by sharing smart questions and adding new vendors. With this, Desk research without beginning or end, long lists that are neither here nor there, ineffective market surveys and time-consuming RFI processes belong to the past. A relief for parties at the demand as well as the supply side.

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