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1 account to generate business from over 200 ‘Hubs’

Better visibility and findability among some 300 consulting companies in the private and public sector. Quick qualification and selection through online interaction, ensuring you will not miss out on opportunities.

Hundreds of IT service providers, industry 4.0 tech suppliers, niche players and countless startups… A dynamic IT market and rapidly-changing portfolios. Many clients and (their) consultants do not have the overview, time or financial means to effectively find, survey and select the IT service providers that are the best match. There is a growing awareness that comprehensive, time-consuming RFIs and RFPs do not guarantee success. With this, the need for alternate platforms increases as well.

To prepare for RFPs and tenders, the Hub is deployed with desk research, market surveys and RFIs. Real-time matching and online interaction allow all parties to save time and money, make (pre)selection and/or qualification more effective, and encourage requesting parties to contact vendors.

Pricing - IT Vendors

Choose a subscription that best suits your company


Suitable for startups, specialists with a small portfolio, and local IT vendors. Support and training not included.

€ 900,-

per year
  • 10 domains
  • 1 match profile
  • 1 specific overviews
  • 10 view & respond
  • 5 users


For IT vendors with an extensive portfolio or focus on outsourcing and managed services. With support and training.

€ 1.800,-

per year
  • 25 domains
  • 2 match profiles
  • 2 specific overviews
  • Unlimited view & respond
  • 10 users

Premium L1

For companies that want to get more out of iSourcing Hub. With many extra's and the Knowledge Partner role.

€ 3.000,-

per year
  • 50 domains
  • 3 match profiles
  • 4 specific overviews
  • Unlimited view & respond
  • 1 knowledge partner
  • 25 users

Premium L2

Twice as many features/ options compared to Premium Level 1, including the option to distribute accounts.

€ 6.000,-€ 5.400,-

per year
  • 100 domains
  • 6 match profiles
  • 10 specific overviews
  • Unlimited view & respond
  • 2 knowledge partner
  • Unlimited users

Premium L3

Doubling of various features compared to Premium Level 2, tailor-made options for channel and partner marketing.

Starting at

€ 12.000,-€ 9.000,-

per year
  • Unlimited domains
  • 12 match profiles
  • 20 specific overviews
  • Unlimited view & respond
  • 5 knowledge partner
  • Unlimited users

Subscription Extension

1 additional Match Profile of 25 additional themes (Domains) including 1 display (Specific Overview). From:

€ 750,-

per year

Premium Support

Additional support including onboarding and training, evaluation and optimalisation meetings and a 'hotline'. From: 

€ 500,-

per year

Knowledge Partner

Additional visibility and sharing of branded content through the Knowledge Partner role 1 theme (Domain). With 1 guest blog a year. 

€ 1.250,-

per year

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