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Smart Legal Solution

Experience the future of Contract Lifecycle Management

One single platform for all contracting activities, enhancing data privacy & security, reducing liability risks and providing a full audit trail. That is the power of the Conveniunt Legal Platform.
According to Gartner in its Magic Quadrant for Contract Lifecycle Management (February 2020), Artificial Intelligence (AI) will enable 30% faster contract negotiation and document completion processes in organizations that deploy Contract Lifecycle Management, by 2023. We are at the verge of a paradigm shift that will radically change the way we operate Legal and Procurement activities.
At Conveniunt we not only truly believe this shift is inevitable, we also believe our place is at the forefront of it. Our Intelligent Legal Platform actively supports you and your counterparties in the full lifecycle of legal documents, from the very first contact to a signed contract and beyond. Bringing you value beyond the promised 30% reduction of handling time, right now.

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