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Ask the right questions about [domain] to relevant [domain] parties

Whatever questions you have about [domain], you can ask them via iSourcing Hub to [xx] suppliers and/or [yy] consulting firms.  You can select best practice questions specifically aimed at [domain] from  the Public Library when deciding what to ask providers, or add new (customizable) questions as well as add relevant suppliers.

With just one click you will get answer to your questions, often in real-time.  In this way, you can easily identify the best-matched provider in [domain]. And we can also accommodate your other provider needs in dozens of other domains. Moreover, the system is being enriched with every search, every custom questions and every new added supplier. A very welcome complement on (or replacement of) desk research, market orientations, market consultations, RFIs and other steps of selection procedures.

Knowledge Partners

Knowledge Partners contribute with formulating and managing smart questions in the Public Library. Their involvement obviously has no effect on (their position in) the search results. Read more.

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More than 500 companies choose iSourcing Hub

iSourcing Hub is the independent platform that helps clients, consultants and IT suppliers to achieve better results in the selection process and the preparation of this process.

The way you find and select IT suppliers can be done differently. Faster and most importantly better. After all, it’s a jungle out there – it’s hard to monitor the IT market and not easy to collect adequate information. To run a successful and efficient selection process is quite a challenge.

IT sourcing is complex, it often requires a tailor made approach. But who you select and contract for your IT project is of crucial importance. iSourcingHub uses a smart matching algorithm and facilitates your interaction with potential suppliers to help you get this selection right. We help you ask the right questions to relevant players in market, resulting in better matches and more sustainable relationships.



With the largest provider database in the Netherlands and previously completed and detailed answers as well as profiles from many suppliers, you can see who matters in real time. This saves you a lot of time and effort.



Our matching algorithm uses questions and criteria of your organisation to cross reference against our stored database of known answers and preferences of all suppliers. We can then generate perfect matches - those that match perfectly in both directions.



Use simple but very effective interactive steps to research/analyse the market. Contact your desired matches in one click to check if they are interested and available, or send them additional info and questions. You’ll get responses in days.



Sometimes you just don't want to market to find out that you're searching, to avoid 'unsolicited sales'. Makes sense, but what if you want to hear the market? Using the hub as a buffer, your search is discrete and it's possible to approach matches anonymously.



Save your own questions and new suppliers for re-usage, or share them in a public library - that way the hub is being enriched and updated with every search, while you don't need to reinvent the wheel over and over again.



We are demonstrable 100% independent and we only act as matchmaker; same treatment for everyone, suppliers cannot pay us more to increase their position in search results and our matching algorithm operates without human interference.

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