Your end-to-end Vendor and Contract Management SaaS solution

Together with the implementation of our Vendor Management Office process framework, SourcingCockpit will limit value leakage, increase compliance with regulatory requirements, reduce risks and improve operational performance of contracts and vendor relationships.

SourcingCockpit enables your Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) processes.

Added value of SourcingCockpit : 

  • Be in control of your vendor partnerships and outsourcing contract portfolio for ITO, BPO, Shared Services, Offshoring, Strategic Alliances and other contractual partnerships
  • Provide a structured process for assessing the overall health of each vendor relationahip and outsourcing contract in your company or business unit
  • Make relationship (or contract) owners responsible to provide a top down appraisal and assessment of the current state of each partnership 
  • Provide management dashboards to company or business unit executives, group structures and/or (external) regulators
  • Free up time for contract owners, vendor management or procurement related professionals to focus on added value activities rather than chasing operational information

SourcingCockpit fits into our Vendor Management Office framework, a broader vendor and contract management toolset that can be deployed in distinct business units or your entire company.

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