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About Our Company
The No Time  To Waste company with its trade name SNEW was conceived in 2011 when its founder, Martijn van Engelen melded together his existing operations with exciting new ideas and developed the current concept named SNEW.
SNEW’s comprehensive commitment to environmental protection and social development has already garnered a national award and a good deal of international media attention. SNEW can be seen as the creator and inventor of Ecosocial Recycling. SNEW works closely with local governments and existing social and ecological recycling programs to achieve their goals within the local economies.

Recently SNEW has been certified by Economy for The Common Good.

To obtain this certification, ECG has carried out an evaluation, paying special attention to the impact and contribution to general well-being: social, sustainable, transparent of SNEW.

The Economy for the Common Good advocates a more ethical economic model, in which the well-being of people and the environment becomes the ultimate objective of a business. Money is only seen as a means to that end.

This certification gives our partners the certainty that they are doing business with an ethical and sustainable company.
Our Organization
SNEW has EU offices in Holland, Poland, and our first African country organization in Uganda and is becoming the foremost Ecosocial Recycling platform forming a bridge between Europe and emerging countries.
Our Team
SNEW consists of a team of highly qualified, resourceful, and enlightened individuals who have a wealth of experience in IT, Telecommunications, Environmental Compliance, Recycling, Refurbishment, After Sales Service, Logistics, as well as Marketing and Sales.
An important reason for our suppliers to process their surplus ICT hardware through SNEW is the controllability of our process from beginning to end; from hardware, supplier to end-user and back. SNEW can do this by supplying one single process through which all links of the end-of-life chain are included.

Circular telecom and IT with a social heart:


About SNEW

At SNEW, we don't let something that still has value go to waste. We refurbish used IT and telecom equipment and make it 'as new' (where our name comes from). Can't refurbish equipment anymore? Then we look at which parts are still usable for our parts service. This way we extend the life span of equipment to a maximum. We relieve our customers of all their worries. This makes it very easy to take steps in the area of CSR. And that, in turn, benefits our planet.

"With SNEW, I want to show that things can be done differently: strong collaborations, low-threshold processes and social inclusion.  Together, we leave the earth better for future generations"

Martijn van Engelen, CEO SNEW

  • Taking care of it
From picking up discarded equipment to providing CSR data or taking care of international transportation, we take care of it.
  • Driven
Our planet should not only be a nice place to live now, but it should also stay that way. That is why we prevent waste by making maximum use of what is still of value. And that's a lot.
  • Going green
Of all the equipment we receive, we reuse 75% and recycle 25%. This made us the first to win the Circular Award for the manufacturing industry. If it were up to us, it wouldn't stop there.
  • Roll up your sleeves
We don't think in terms of problems but in terms of solutions. No challenge is too big for us. We just do it.
  • Realistic dreamers
At SNEW we have our dreams, but meanwhile, we are realistic. We are a down-to-earth company from Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands.
  • Giving opportunities
Fifty percent of our workforce consists of people who do not get a fair chance. Simply because we believe that their value should not be lost either. We also collect laptops for underprivileged children to give them a fair chance at a good education. We work together with the LINDA. Foundation.

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