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Persistent Systems

See Beyond, Rise Above

About Persistent

With over 18,500 employees located in 19 countries, Persistent Systems (BSE & NSE: PERSISTENT) is a global services and solutions company delivering Digital Engineering and Enterprise Modernization. Persistent was named to the Forbes Asia Best Under a Billion 2021 list, representing consistent top-and bottom-line performance as well as growth.

Persistent Systems


Digital & Design Strategy

Businesses today are looking to build and deliver seamless digital experiences. While technology is the backbone for these experiences, companies need a clear strategy and vision to respond to evolving customer needs and market conditions. This requires a robust digital strategy and design capability that leverages latest technologies and cutting edge frameworks to help you discover new business models and deliver enhanced customer value.

Persistent helps clients develop a clear digital business strategy by bringing together design frameworks, industry experience and technology expertise that unify business and technology architectures to drive business results.

Offerings & Solutions

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Software Product Engineering 

For today’s software businesses, the need to innovate never stops. Adoption of cloud, microservices, API-led connectivity, containerization and DevSecOps have transformed the way software products are built. This has increased the complexity of engineering software products.

Persistent has been a trusted software product engineering services partner for over 30 years, working alongside today’s leading software brands. Our software product engineering services reach across every stage of the software development life cycle to help accelerate software engineering and drive software modernization initiatives to transform your product experiences.

Agile CoE at Persistent Systems

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CX Transformation

Customer experience is a great starting point for digital transformation because it puts the customer at the forefront of everything you do. A world-class customer experience is critical to the sustained growth of any business and requires a transformation of business processes and technology.

As a trusted Salesforce Partner for 18+ years, Persistent is a leader in designing, implementing and driving transformational customer experiences. Fueled by global delivery, we offer best-in-class solutions with measurable benefits to help you accelerate time to market, increase business agility, maximize value creation and enterprise growth.

Our Salesforce team excels in CX Strategy, Industry Solutions, CX Platform Integration, Salesforce Cloud Implementation, and Customer Analytics across the Salesforce ecosystem.

Operating Model

Integrated Operations - Framework and Accelerators

Persistent's Salesforce Practice

Watch our newly released Salesforce Practice video to know more about how we enable clients from across the globe to experience success with Salesforce.

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Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation helps businesses enhance customer experience, improve employee productivity, and meet the changing needs of the industry. Unfortunately, most companies cannot realize the benefits of intelligent automation due to complex, siloed IT with disparate systems and data sources.

Persistent has over 12 years of experience in delivering intelligent automation solutions with over 300 projects. Persistent’s Intelligent Automation solutions and services help businesses scale faster with ready-to-use solutions, accelerators, and frameworks. We have deep partnerships with leading platform vendors backed by Hyperautomation advisory to design, develop enterprise-grade applications in weeks, not months and years.

Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence

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Cloud & Infrastructure 

Cloud is arguably the most important component of your digital journey. But, before you can thrive on the cloud, there are numerous, complex choices to make around providers and integration, making it difficult even to know where to start the journey.

Persistent is a trusted partner to help guide your journey no matter where you are. We help quickly create, launch, and deliver your multi-cloud strategy, infrastructure modernization, and digital workplace solutions. We incorporate the best of major cloud and infrastructure providers into a seamless experience for your customers, employees, and other stakeholders. We reduce complexity, costs, and operational challenges while modernizing.

Cloud automation stack

Accelerate and secure your cloud journey using proven accelerators to build new environment faster, operate with increased efficiency and governance at scale

Cloud Automation Stack

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Enterprise IT Security 

While striving to offer exemplary customer experiences and robust, virtual collaboration, enterprises must meet the challenges of providing a secure environment ready to weather cyberattacks, ransomware, phishing and more. Your business needs to ensure safety and soundness anytime, anywhere by building a resilient end-to-end security ecosystem.

Our solutions enhance and secure the digital experiences across your business infrastructure, applications, and data, hosting models, and endpoints enabling faster adoption of next-generation technologies.

PiCR – Deployment Overview

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Data & Analytics 

We help you become data-driven. We enable you to anticipate market changes and adapt quickly by leveraging data to introduce new products and services, optimize costs and streamline processes.

Our end-to-end offerings help you define the data strategy roadmap, implement a modern cloud data stack, put together the governance and security frameworks, and manage the data quality using modern data mesh and operations principles. We help you put together master data management and data cataloging solutions. Our robust data science capabilities can help you improve your business processes by leveraging the power of AI and ML solutions. Our ML Ops offerings can help you launch and maintain your data science use cases quickly and systematically. Finally, our purpose-built business solutions and accelerators can deliver results 3X faster than custom integrations.

Data Experience Hub

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Enterprise Applications & Integration

With the rapid pace of digital acceleration, it has become challenging for enterprises to manage their application portfolio and avoid silos. To remain agile and competitive, it is critical to modernize applications while ensuring seamless integration across the application portfolio.

We accelerate your application development using modern software development practices. We enable you to modernize and rationalize your application portfolio and significantly enhance the customer experience. Our comprehensive offerings allow you to define an application strategy roadmap and enable effective collaboration and information exchange across multiple applications.

Our purpose-built business solutions reduce complexity and significantly enhance your competitive advantage.

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