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Crazy good cybersecurity

Open Systems is a Swiss company headquartered in Zürich. Open Systems is your partner for network and security operations. Our cloud platform delivers everything you need – everywhere you need it. It defines your global infrastructure and orchestrates security and network technologies with centralized control and management. It delivers SASE with ZTNA, XDR with MDR, and more – deployed at once or as needed to secure your environment from endpoint, to edge, to cloud – to anywhere. Confidently accelerate digital transformation with 24x7 monitoring and operations by expert L3-only engineers in a native DevSecOps model, who ensure the skills, expertise and availability you need.

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1. SASE+
  • With a network of global access points, our SASE+ secures users no matter where they work. It delivers direct, fast, and reliable connections to the internet and cloud and is centrally managed and easy to expand to reach anywhere and anything.

    SASE+ does all that with a single unified service that’s cloud-delivered, policy-driven, automated, and seamlessly orchestrated. Add ZTNA to extend SASE+ to include even more users working on a broader range of devices.

    SASE+ customers are backed by our global team of security experts who monitor your environment around the clock and are ready to assist with whatever you need – when you need it.

2. MDR+
Open Systems MDR+ incorporates threat containment to minimize business disruption and ensure operational continuity:
  • By monitoring the complete risk landscape, high fidelity detection can be guaranteed through mature detection rules based on use cases and enhanced through our own ML-based algorithms.
  • To minimise the false positive alerts we combine our AI- and ML-based detection with the expertise of Security Analysts, who add context and determine which alerts are real, prioritising those with the highest potential for damage.
  • In addition to the 24x7 SOC, which operates in a DevSecOps model –  dedicated teams are assigned to each customer so that the best decisions can be made quickly. 
  • And the integrated SOC and NOC combines world-class engineers with AI and machine learning to deliver an outcome-driven approach to security to contain threats quickly and precisely, minimising disruption.

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