Per 1 juli 2024 worden de prijzen verhoogd. Vraag uiterlijk 30 juni een offerte op, en sluit uiterlijk 15 juli een contract met behoud van de huidige prijsstelling voor 1 of 2 jaar.

IT Labs

Outsourcing with high performing, purpose, process driven software development teams

About Us

IT Labs was founded year 2005 in Los Angeles, CA. It was created with a sole purpose to produce the most high-performing, purpose and process-driven software development teams. Since day one we enabled our clients to compete with innovation and efficient development by providing them with turn-key teams, taking on the responsibility to hire, fire and nurture talent for them. Today we count about 700 team members across multiple continents, supporting clients in most time zones. Our certifications include AWS, Azure, ISTQB and ISO certified [ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 20000-1].

"We provide technology leaders with purpose and process driven teams for high performance, innovation, transformation."
We are technology agnostic, and everything that we do has a proactive intent for innovation. From product design, architecture, infrastructure, process and people growth, we always tend to innovate. Given our size and maturity, we cater to most tech stacks, especially the latest needs and trends. The three pillars of our offerings are Cloud, DevOps and AI/ML. Our Blockchain team is also very experienced and has a great track record. In each instance of engagement, our team develops industry and business know-how which contributes to the overall value that the technical team brings. Therefore, we speak the same language as the stakeholders, the business and the product managers. Over the years we covered many different industries such as HR/HCM, financial, healthcare, real estate, construction, education, government, energy, telecommunications and other. As far as the industries that we have the most experience with are: HR/HCM, higher education and financial.

Our Tech Radar lab provides the ability for our team members to focus on latest technologies, experiment with new environments and practices.

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