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Influsense BV

With over 38 years of business and technology experience, Ronald Scherpenisse has held prominent roles in some of the most respected software and services companies. He excels in senior commercial and interpersonal skills within highly complex environments and is a proven leader in driving business at the executive level.

Ronald is renowned for his rapid, innovative analyses and the transformation of these insights into actionable strategies. He has a strong inclination toward creativity and decisive action.

Digital Transformation Services:
As an independent advisor with extensive experience in the software, channel, SAM, IT services, and cloud sectors in the Benelux, Ronald provides consulting services and supports private equity firms as an industry expert. Additionally, he mentors start-up companies, helping them navigate the challenges of early-stage growth.

GenAI Expertise:
Ronald brings specialized skills in Generative AI (GenAI) and prompt engineering, providing training and consultancy to optimize AI-generated content and enhance business processes through advanced AI solutions.

Media and Production:
Ronald is the producer and co-host of several podcasts and live streams, including ITPE, iSourcing Hub LIVE!, Get ResponsLIVE. He also hosts and produces the Digital Dialogues byTechnosoof podcast and My Conversations with Sky (Sky is a GenAI powered co-host and producer of this podcast), sharing his insights and expertise with a broader audience.

Service Offerings Overview

GenAI Prompt Engineering Training Services
Our comprehensive training program focuses on the intricacies of GenAI prompt engineering, equipping professionals with the skills needed to optimize AI-generated content effectively.
Prompt Engineering Services
We offer specialized services in prompt engineering to enhance the performance and accuracy of AI models, ensuring optimal outcomes for various applications
Microsoft Copilot Training
Our expert-led training sessions provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills for leveraging Microsoft Copilot, enhancing productivity and collaboration within your organization.
Strategy Consultancy
Our consultancy services help businesses develop robust strategies to integrate and capitalize on emerging technologies, driving innovation and growth.
Business Experimentation Services
We assist organizations and executives in exploring the business potential of new technologies through experimentation and collaborative business game models. Our expertise spans GenAI, synthetic media (audio and video), and VR/AR technologies.
Online Mystery Guest Services
Our unique service helps organizations and professionals deliver exceptional digital experiences during online events, such as webinars and meetings, by simulating the attendee experience and providing actionable feedback.
Hands-on Training for Digital Experience Tools
We offer practical, hands-on training for various online digital experience tools, including OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and StreamYard. Our training is available through 1-1 sessions, either in-person or online, with remote support also provided.

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