Per 1 juli 2024 worden de prijzen verhoogd. Vraag uiterlijk 30 juni een offerte op, en sluit uiterlijk 15 juli een contract met behoud van de huidige prijsstelling voor 1 of 2 jaar.

Been Management Consulting

Been Management Consultancy consist of a group of enthusiastic people on a mission. Our mission is to have 100% impact projects. Why? Because our societal challenges are enormous. We accelerate organizations with strategic guidance, future-proof transformation and strategy execution. 

We believe that companies can make a positive difference by combining profit & growth with a positive contribution to society. The essence of our work is to make organizations future-proof by realizing systemic change together. However, systemic change is not easy. It requires intensive cooperation, a different view, and courage. The guts to try new things, realize breakthroughs, and walk unfamiliar paths. We see it as an exciting journey towards future-proof businesses and a better world. We work side by side with you and won’t leave without results and impact. ​

We are proud to be B Corp certified and official ​B Corp Way partner

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