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Informatica (NYSE: INFA) is an American software development company founded in 1993. As an Enterprise Cloud Data Management leader, Informatica brings data to life by 
empowering businesses to realize the transformative power of their most critical assets. We 
have pioneered a new category of software, the Informatica Intelligent Data Management
Cloud™ (IDMC), powered by AI and an end-to-end data management platform that connects, 
manages and unifies data across any multi-cloud, hybrid system, democratizing data to 
modernize their business strategies. Customers in over 100 countries and 85 of the Fortune 
100 rely on Informatica to drive data-led digital transformation. 

Informatica has been at the forefront of the data revolution for the last 3 decades, continuously 
innovating in the data management space. Today, we provide the industry’s first Intelligent Data 
Management Cloud, designed to help businesses truly innovate with their data on any platform, any 
cloud, multi-cloud, and multi-hybrid. Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud is the industry’s most comprehensive, AI-powered, end-to-end data management platform offering over 260 intelligent 
cloud services to discover all your data, access and ingest your data wherever it is, process it any way you want, ensure it’s trusted, democratize on a foundation of governance, and deliver intelligent insights with 360 views of your business. You’ve modernized your infrastructure, applications, databases and compute to the cloud, none of which you own anymore. What’s left is perhaps the most strategic differentiator that you do own. Your data. But your data is now everywhere and fragmented in silos across SaaS apps, data warehouses, data lakes, and databases both in the cloud and on-premises. Where your data is located is not important anymore and it’s exploding every day, it's what you do with your data that matters most – is it accessible, connected and related, trusted, governed and secure? Data is more important than ever and is what drives digital transformation. True digital transformation is about bringing new products and services to customers, creating new customer engagement models, creating new operating models to take products and services to market and new customer experiences to fulfill customer demand. According to the World Economic Forum, over 80% of organizations across industries plan to accelerate their digital transformation efforts, yet 70% of digital transformations have failed to achieve their objectives. How you manage and use data determines whether you become an industry disruptor or get left behind. But in a multi-cloud, hybrid world, your data needs to do more. Deliver actionable insights from analytics, drive 
more efficiency in your processes, and operate at enterprise scale – is your data ready?

Informatica continues to lead with innovation by delivering the industry’s first Intelligent Data 
Management Cloud (IDMC) as you embark on the next wave of digital transformation. Informatica is 
your trusted partner to deliver an IDMC that is cloud-native, intelligent and automated with these key 

• Cloud Native at Scale – Meet the accelerating demands of the modern business by scaling for all 
enterprise workloads with elastic and serverless processing.
• AI Native at Scale – Turn data into insights at scale with AI and machine learning for data and 
metadata to automate thousands of manual tasks, accelerating data-led transformations. 
• Multi-Cloud, Multi-Hybrid – Connect, access, consume and govern data across any cloud, any 
platform. Built for multi-cloud, multi-hybrid environments to run, interoperate, and support all 
combinations of infrastructures.

Low-Code / No-Code Experience – Maximize agility with a low-code / no-code experience to 
empower the largest community of data practitioners within your organization. 
• Security and Trust as a Design Principle – Ensure the highest level of security, consistent data 
quality, end-to-end governance, and data privacy across the enterprise with security and trust as a 
design principle.

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