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Ibexa DXP

Discover Ibexa DXP, The B2B Game changer

Ibexa is the #B2B game changer and only provider of a Digital Experience Platform (#DXP) dedicated to B2B. Ibexa DXP offers content creation, website building, self-service portals, e-commerce, PIM, and personalization in an all-in-one scalable solution with accelerated development capabilities. With the help of our certified partners, B2B companies can progress their digital transformation in a proven, phased process.

Growing your revenue through new sales channels for your businessWe provide a single, unified platform to create and optimize your digital channels (known and unknown). Our platforms help you support and enhance existing sales and business models. It also lets you create new sales and business models by helping you launch new products, services and test new strategies. Web shops, mobile apps, dealer portals, integration with market places, self-service... you name it. It can be build atop our platform.

Creating frictionless experiences for your customers
In a world where customer comes first, it's all about experience. Customers are in control. Offering content creation, website building, e-commerce and personalization along with strong integration and customization capabilities, we help you build memorable experiences across channels, unifying brand, content, product information, commerce and your existing business processes. 

Innovating and mastering Business Agility
We accompany you in your growth with progressive investment, speed and adaptability. This enable you to innovate and scale your business fast and in an agile manner meeting changing and uncertain business environments and markets.

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