Thursday 16 May 14:00-15:30 CET iSourcing Hub LIVE – Deep Dives – topic: Security
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Suppliers, service providers and others who make up the supply side of the iSourcing Hub platform can participate in HubSessions for a short demo, more general information about iSourcing Hub and a first impression of how the account is filled and used.

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The online session lasts approximately 1 hour and consists of two parts:

  1. A short introduction to the concept, the genesis of the platform and our vision on how to bring together supply and demand in a much smarter and better way. Through a short demo we show how the demand side (end customers and external consultants) use iSourcing Hub. This will give you as a vendor a picture of the possibilities and added value of iSourcing Hub from different perspectives (marketing, sales, operational).
  2.  A short onboarding/training where we show what is needed to fill the account and maintain it. In addition, we give a number of tips & tricks on optimizing the account, how you can cleverly deal with / respond to matches as a vendor – this is useful to get an idea of the required effort and often helps to understand what distinguishes iSourcing Hub from many other alternatives.

Part 1 is particularly intended for parties who are interested and need a demo, and who want to determine what type of subscription they need. Part 2 is particularly intended for newly affiliated vendors with a subscription* and new users of already affiliated vendors with a paid subscription.

You can decide which parts to take.

For interested parties, it may be interesting to also follow part 2 to get a good idea of the effort required, once you have an account and purchase a paid subscription. For new users and vendors who already have a paid subscription, part 1 is relevant to get a good understanding of what distinguishes iSourcing Hub from all kinds of other alternatives.

After the session we will have up to half an hour of space for questions. During the session there is also room for questions and interaction, but should they take up too much time, we will park questions for after the session.

* Subscription with Premium support

Users of parties with a Premium subscription or Premium Support add-on can also request 1-on-1 sessions.

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